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The Wall of Ideas

Providing a diverse menu of services for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, SSC helps with planning and developing projects, building teams, and communicating with clarity and purpose.


       Facilitation and Meeting Design

       External Recruitment and Hiring

       Project Management 

        Communications Training and Coaching 

        Writing, Editing, and Research 

        Curriculum Design and Development


Facilitation and Meeting Design

I provide facilitation for meetings, strategic planning work, staff retreats, focus groups, panel reviews, and other events. I strive for inclusive, active, visually-focused facilitation to help teams achieve their goals.

Teams in need of outside support can count on help with meeting design, agenda development, in-person or virtual facilitation, and evaluation processes. I can help with:

  • Staff and strategy development, team building, training, decision making, and partnership work

  • Cross-team or cross-institution work on projects, programs, and team alignment

  • Strategic planning for boards of directors

  • Convenings of diverse stakeholders needing to move partnership work forward

  • Hands-on facilitation for groups launching new services, creating action plans for grant deliverables, or deciding on goals and outcomes for internal projects

Recruitment and Hiring Support 

If your organization is looking to hire new talent, I can help. I provide external recruitment and hiring support for staff and leadership roles, working with clients to create a process that brings strong candidates to hiring managers.

My services include

  • Designing a full hiring process and outreach plan

  • Delivery of a user-friendly tracking system

  • Writing/editing/job descriptions

  • Developing interview materials (questions, assignments,

      role-plays, etc.)

  • Screening applicants (by phone or video)

  • Convening hiring panels

  • Checking references


Project Management 

Some projects need a neutral third party to corral all the right players, determine objectives, create plans, and join pieces together. Having led short- and long-term projects in the arts, at educational institutions, and in the non-profit sector, I know how to assess needs and develop plans to meet a team’s goals. I provide  

  • Project plans / timelines

  • Team roles

  • Scheduling

  • General support and coordination

Writing, Editing, and Research

Copying Down

I work with educational institutions and organizations to deliver messages that are targeted, clear, and compelling. As a writer and editor, I can help with content development, grant proposals, funder reports, long-form writing (fiction and non-fiction), and training materials. I’m a big believer in revision and using stories to showcase an organization’s mission, services, and successes. I love researching in the service of stronger content and will copy edit until your sentences shine.  

Curriculum Development 

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.58.08
Open Book

I design content and programs for schools and organizations, from big picture curriculum development to course reboots to hit-the-ground-running lesson plans, keeping learning objectives and learning styles at the forefront of each project. I work with clients to develop materials that align to standards, meet learners where they are, and create opportunities for growth. I can help with:

·    Program-level redesigns

·    Content for college courses and continuing education programs

·    Soft-skills workshops

·    Writing and ESL programs

·    Industry-specific curriculum for trainings

Communications Training and Coaching


I lead interactive workshops on communications skills—presentation development and delivery, public speaking, writing for specific audiences. Trainings are tailored to meet the needs of emerging professionals, longtime employees, or a mix of participant skill levels. I can design trainings or provide individualized coaching for:

Preparing for public speaking engagements--

Presentations, speeches, story-telling events, radio interviews, job talks, public or high-stakes meetings, and trainings.

Writing effectively for different audiences--

Work-related communications (reports, presentations, emails) and developing writing habits for more effective messages


Because we can all be better at getting our messages across, I help people speak and write clearly, deliver compelling messages, overcome anxiety, and connect with audiences.

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