I provide facilitation for short- and long-term projects. I strive for inclusive, active, visually-focused facilitation that helps teams achieve goals in areas of staff and strategy development, team building, difficult conversations, and partnership work. I work with clients on:

  • Large and small group facilitation for events, convenings, focus groups, panel reviews, and staff retreats

  • Meeting design and agenda development

  • Facilitation of high-stakes meetings with post-meeting summaries and recommendations

  • Hands-on, active facilitation for groups who need to launch new services, create action plans for grant deliverables, or create goals and outcomes for internal projects


Communications training and coaching

I lead interactive workshops on communications skills—presentation development and delivery, public speaking, writing for specific audiences. Trainings are tailored to meet the needs of emerging professionals, longtime employees, or a mix of participant skill levels. I can design trainings or provide individualized coaching for:

Preparing for public speaking engagements--

presentations, speeches, story-telling events, radio interviews, job talks, public or high-stakes meetings, and trainings.

Writing effectively for different audiences--

Work-related communications (reports, presentations, emails) and developing writing habits for more effective messages


Because we can all be better at getting our messages across, I help people speak and write clearly, deliver compelling messages, overcome anxiety, and connect with audiences.


Curriculum development

I design content and programs for schools and organizations, from big picture curriculum development to course reboots to hit-the-ground-running lesson plans, keeping learning objectives and learning styles at the forefront of each project. I work with clients to develop materials that align to standards, meet learners where they are, and create opportunities for growth. I can help with:

  • Program-level redesigns

  • Content for college courses and continuing education programs

  • Soft-skills workshops

  • Writing and ESL programs

  • Industry-specific curriculum for trainings

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