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The foundation of my practice is built upon many years in education –teaching as well as training faculty – and my experiences in the non-profit sector. As a writing instructor turned facilitator, I believe in taking time to plan and to revise but am willing (and usually excited) to stray from a path if the process leads a different way. My workshops, retreats, and trainings are designed for active participation and active learning: I design dynamic sessions, mixing visual learning with small group work and hands-on activities. Because working with other humans can be complicated and life can be hard, I strive to create community wherever I am and bring laughter to most events.


Before launching my consulting practice in 2015, I worked at Career Ladders Project (CLP) in Oakland, providing technical assistance to community colleges and other educational and workforce partners across California, leading professional development trainings for teams, and facilitating partnerships between institutions. Prior to this statewide work, I was the Director of Academics at Year Up Bay Area, supporting a team of instructors who deliver “high expectations, high support” services to young adults seeking post-secondary education and training in the IT field. I also served as the Program Director at Spark Bay Area from 2021 to 2022, managing a career exploration and mentorship program for middle schoolers as they returned to schools after the long Covid lockdown.

I love teaching and taught writing and reading classes at San Francisco State University (SFSU) for many years. 

I also love telling stories, hearing stories, and helping people craft great stories. I have performed live on-stage at The Moth in both San Francisco and Berkeley. I am passionate about visual and performing arts and spend some of my free time making art, mostly prints. 

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Community Work and Other Activities


Recent Professional Development

San Francisco State University

Master of Arts, English, Concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

--Certificate in the Teaching of Composition

--Certificate in Teaching Post-Secondary Reading

Washington University

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature / Minor in Women’s Studies

Visual Facilitation Bootcamp (Lane Change Consulting), 2017


Certified Facilitator Certification (University of California Curriculum Integration), 2016


Facilitative Leadership for Social Change Workshop (Interaction Institute for Social Change), 2014


Predictive Index Analyst Training and Certification (The Predictive Index), 2011

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To learn more about my work, visit my LinkedIn profile and and the Clients and Work page on this site.

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